The objectives of a study trip are:
  • to establish and maintain contacts between German and foreign universities
  • to provide participants with a subject-specific knowledge by organising visits to at least two universities, subject-related tours and informative meetings
  • to promote meetings with German students and academics and scientists
  • to offer participants an insight into economic,political and cultural life in Germany

Who can apply?

University teachers from a foreign university are eligible to apply.

What is supported?

Study trips for groups of a maximum of 15 students accompanied by one university teacher. Individual doctoral candidates may also be funded after consultation with the DAAD. The groups visit at least two German universities where they participate in the academic programme. A cultural programme is to be organised in the evenings and at weekends.

Duration of funding

At least 7 days and a maximum of 12 days


A flat rate allowance of 50 euros per person per day is paid as a contribution towards travel and accommodation expenses. This applies to the following countries and regions: Groups from the EU states, Albania, Australia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Canada, Hong Kong, Iceland, Japan, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, New Zealand, Norway, the Russian Federation, Switzerland, Serbia, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine and USA. For groups from the "remaining countries", the DAAD pays in addition a mobility lump sum per person.


Students or groups of students cannot apply directly to the DAAD; the university submitting an application is responsible for selecting participants.

Please note: There are special conditions for applicants from France, Great Britain, Poland, the Russian Federation and the United States. Further information is available at the respective branch office:
Paris: paris.daad.de
London: www.daad.org.uk
Warsaw: www.daad.pl
Moscow: www.daad.ru
New York: www.daad.org

More detailed information

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